While being vegan is a huge part of my life, food is a necessity, and within the pages I’ll be posting here in the coming days will focus mostly about food, and what to do to make it taste amazing. I’ll be sharing the different tips that I’ve picked up over the years of cooking and how I apply them in the kitchen.


If there is a recipe that you would like me to make, feel free to leave it in a comment and I will be more than happy to check it out. Don’t worry about it being vegan, as I can make anything for my plant-based lifestyle.





Meat: Mushrooms make a great meat substitution, as do beans, tofu, potatoes, mock meats, and quinoa. I use quinoa as a substitution in chili mainly.


Egg: Tofu can be a scrambled egg replacement, and is called a tofu scramble. In baking, I can substitute applesauce, chia, or flax eggs. Bananas can also be an egg replacer however I have a banana intolerance, or I’m allergic to bananas.


Milk and Butter: This seems a no-brainer, but there are a ton of non-dairy options as far as milk goes, from soy, to oat, and even hemp. Butter can be replaced with a vegetable spread that can be found in almost an grocery store. I use these vegetable spreads sparingly as they contain 100% oil, but sometimes a baked potato just calls for it.


Oil: I try not to consume oil in large amounts. If I’m sauteing vegetables then I use water rather than oil. If necessary I will use cooking spray to make sure nothing sticks.